Ushering Angels



Photo of Mrs Adejoke Kabiawu: October, 2016.

It is a great honor & privilege to introduce to you our department Ushering. We are the image & ambassadors of the Church, and the soldiers of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are the first smile you encounter on entering the Church premise either as a member or visitor.

Our most important goal of each service is ensuring that, regardless of how or why you came into the Church, you have a divine experience of the most-high God. We attempt accomplishing this by placing you in a seat that meets you at your point of spiritual comfort. Our intent is simple: for the Holy spirit to locate and extend just the right portion of blessings to you, in the course of the service.

We would like to invite you to be a part of the impactful change we are committing ourselves to making in the lives of families and visitors to our parish. It will interest you to know that we being actively involved in a number of men’s fellowship sponsored activities that continue to reach out to the community. They include and are not limited to the following:

At these trying times of ease in distractions, we perform our core responsibility of helping you find and stay in your universe of focus by discharging our duties as follows:

  1. Make the Church premise comfortable for worshipers to fellowship.
  2. Guide and direct worshipers as needed.
  3. Help bring organization and order to service with a targeted intent of inviting the glory of the Father.
  4. Help maintain a clean, tidy worship environment during service.
  5. Accept offerings, tithes, and donations on behalf of the church.
  6. Complete recording of all accepted funs before passing such on to the Church treasurer for banking.

A key trait in our Christian life which grants us the fortitude to continuously perform these tasks is the well needed encounter with Christ of being born again. Our responsibilities become herculean without the fear God, and respect of constituted authority. We embrace a passion for dressing neatly, godly, and inspiring warmth in others. Our core prayer is for these responsibilities to simply be our lives.

We are guided by a simple philosophy: it is better for us to be battle axes of the Lord, rather than become floaters, or instruments in the hand of the enemy. We seek your interest in participating in the very rewarding responsibility of placing people for blessings: a lasting impact in hearts and minds.

I welcome you to the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Shiloh Assembly.