RCCG Shiloh Prayer Ministry

me Joyce Kadiri: October, 2016.

My greetings to you and your loved ones. This I also extend on behalf of all the women of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Shiloh Assembly. We wholeheartedly welcome you to our parish.

We are called the Unstoppable Women because we are the mothers of the Church, and like every mother, we stop at nothing to ensure progress for both the Church, and ourselves. Integral to our responsibilities in the Church is the continued projection of women voice in all areas of the parish activities. The bible says iron sharpeneth iron. This directive is the corner stone of the Unstoppable Women’s strategy of supporting each other spiritually by prayer and fasting, emotionally by show of support backed by visitation, and otherwise.

Our role in this parish is undeniably strong, as we help forge the direction of the Church. Below are some of our recent activities aimed at promoting unity not only within our group, and the Church, but also in the entire community served by the Church:

  1. Women’s breakfast – An anual women meeting in which outside speakers are usually invited for discussions matters that impact women spiritualy, financialy, socialy etc.

  2. Various Women’s Conferences – Programs organized church parishes, and/or ministries.

  3. Women Family Support activities .
  4. Marriage Counselling.
  5. Bridal Showers.
  6. Baby Showers.
  7. Business Partnerships.
  8. Business Patronage and Encouragements.
  9. Development of Church advancement strategies.

I highly encourage you to join our Church and department. We humbly value your membership and participation as we serve the Lord in His vineyard. We MUST do the works of Him who sent us while it is day, for when the night cometh, no one worketh. Many thanks to you for considering us as a part of your future family. We look forward to doing God’s work with you. God bless you. I am confident in the Lord our God who has led you to us that you will find warmth in this place we have come to call home. Welcome!.