RCCG Shiloh Giving

Photo of Pastor and Pastor Mrs. Daramola: June, 2009.

As Christians, fundamental to our way of life is the power of love and light that embodies giving. It is by this power that God gave His only begotten son, that His light might shine on us, and do so brightly. The light of God in Jesus Christ radiates love, the mother to several children, one of which is giving. This is why we are excited that you have chosen to take the step of giving to the house of the Most-High God.

First, please accept our gratitude for your decision to give to the work of God. Your gift will help strengthen, renew, improve, revamp and expand our services to our immediate community of service. This is why at RCCG Shiloh, we do all possible to make it easier for all to give. Opportunities exist to give to the Church operation through tithe, offerings, the building project, the Men's Group, the Women's group, welfare, and so much more. We invite you to follow through all the steps in giving by clicking on the corresponding link below: