RCCG Evangelism Ministries


Chika Ezechi: October, 2016
(Photo of Evangelism Director)

The Evangelism Team of RCCG Shiloh Assembly is excited to know that you either currently hold an interest in Christ, or are working on building such. Our joy in your knowledge of Christ overflows with His grace.

Conscious of the endless taunt of the enemy, we seek the renewal of our connection with Christ daily, and are fully committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nooks and crannies. Our direction is simple: to ensure that we bring as much people as we can to salvation in Christ Jesus. The enemy in its master craft has come to perfect the art of allure. Armed with this seemingly simple tool, the enemy stops at nothing in its act to cheat, steal, and destroy. Central to the mission of the Evangelical Team of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Shiloh Assembly, is the depopulate the kingdom of darkness: a task we know is herculean. But the word of God says this very clear, that with Christ, all things are possible to them that believe.

Yes, while the enemy and his soldiers are armed will all the weapons of allure, we stand victorious in our quest with one simple ammunition: our belief in Christ Jesus as our Lord and personal savior. With this deep down our hearts and souls, we have come to acquire what I call Aggressive Evangelism. Aggressive Evangelism is a process whereby presentation of the gospel is done zealously, compassionately and in a Christ-like manner. It is done as a group. As Aggressive Evangelists, we believe in genuine consecration, commitment, and resolute determination. Together, we have been made this, because we have a mandate which is “The Great Commission”.

Because we engage in aggressive evangelism as a Church, God has blessed us spiritually. With God’s excitement at heart, we continually develop, in ourselves, the art of changing lives for God, by seeking the engagement of those who are otherwise abandoned. We do this through the greatest commandment identified in the scriptures: Love!.

With love for our God and the community we serve, we have come to find the hidden value behind just a smile, or the simple sentence “how are you”, or the phrase “stay blessed”. Or even the simplest words of comfort, “Jesus loves you”. With these we reach out to the enemy’s darkness with a light brighter than day, and numerically return to our God, that which was originally His. We do these, that Christ's name be glorified. To further expand our reach, we would love you to be a part of our team in this parish. We also welcome your innovations, and creativity as contributions towards the growth of this department and the expansion of the gospel of Christ.

From the bottom of our hearts: welcome to the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Shiloh Assembly. We ask that you encounter the blessings of our God in Jesus name.