RCCG Choir

me Photo of Paulina Atogwe: January, 2016.

On behalf of the Choir, please grant me the opportunity to express how humble we are to know that you are interested in the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Shiloh Assembly, located in Trenton, New Jersey.

The Choir is central to the mode of worship at our parish. A common quote in ministration is that “It is possible for you to pray and miss, but you can never praise and miss with God”. This is the corner stone in the joy with which we discharge our duties in every service.

As a team, we understand the role of praise in every Christian life. The scripture says, if men refuse to praise God, He will raise stones to do so. This means that praise is undeniably an essential possession in the nature of God – the only identified need to His holy name. Another common quote in-line with this very statement is that “praise is the only thing that God, in His infinite existence, cannot do by Himself, for Himself”, since He has to create men in His own image, or raise stones to meet this need.

We are very much aware that when the congregation praise God, the heavens do not only open to pour down blessings from the Most-High, but also we as a group and individuals become joyful, gain excitement, and undoubtedly participate in body movements in form of dancing (another mode of praise), which helps to keep us physically fit. When we encourage the congregation to sing, and see dancing added as a result, like King David, we are overjoyed, to observe “Praise Within Praise” (PWP). Here are some of the ways we encourage the congregation to engage in praise within praise:

  1. SIDOYOWAP – An acronym meaning Sing Down Your Walls by Praise. This is a special month long program of worship praise and prayer, in which the congregation, visitors, and invited guests are encouraged to sing, dance, and praise in an environment that empowers a special connection with God.

  2. Praise Evangelism – A special outreach program in which the Choir teams up with the Evangelism team to combine evangelism outreach with praise.

  3. Praise and Pray- A partnership effort with the Prayer team on a special program of prayer and praise .

Our goal is simple: to create a special bond between the Church, and Christ through praise. To do these, we seek instrumentalists and individuals willing to lend their voice to the honor of our God. I welcome you to RCCG Shiloh Assembly, and encourage to join the Choir.