Building Fund Online Donation              


Photo of proposed building:

Your kind donation would be well appreciated.

The entire members of the Redeemed Christian Church, Shiloh Assembly family will like to thank you for your attention to our quest for a new building.

As a Christian church, we strive to serve both our immediate and surrounding communities, using Jesus Christ’s direction to love our neighbors as ourselves as the beam through which our vision is channeled.

We are currently sourcing for funds to acquire or construct a facility that will enable us to better serve existing and aspiring members of the household of Christ and beyond. Our hope is for a facility that would among other things help us meet the following challenges:

  1. Children Talent Development – A forum for seeking and helping to develop various talents in children in and around the communities we serve.

  2. Teaching Class Rooms –A well needed early childhood training facility to help relief parents and guardiancy in the communities we serve of the burden of day care and summer programs

  3. Business with Ethics –An opportunity to provide small business startup and ownership training to our constituents, with Christian values and ethics as operating guide.

  4. Job Fair – An open space to help connect job seekers in the community with employment providers, and/or talent seekers.

Your donation would go a long way towards helping us achieve this goal to better reach the community we serve. We greatly appreciate your time, and ask for your financial support.